News: Fox News takes a look at a couple of ‘beer geeks’

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to take a year off and search out the best beer in the world. This couple found a way. Fox News had this to say about their journey to this point:

Chris Nelson and his wife Merideth Canham-Nelson of Carmel Valley, Calif., started their year in beer in January with a visit to Anchorage, Alaska’s Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival.

Since then, they’ve attended a beer festival in Germany, downed Guinness in Ireland, and visited breweries and beer events in cities ranging from Boston to Seattle.

The next six months will take them to England, Denver, San Diego, Belgium, and back to Germany for (what else?) Oktoberfest.

I half expected them to be big time entrepreneurs but according to the story Nelson has a Web site design business and his wife is a clinical social worker. Hmm, maybe I can pull this off.

Their goal is to inspire people to travel and find their own beer adventure. Quite the noble cause.

You can find their Web site here.

One response to “News: Fox News takes a look at a couple of ‘beer geeks’

  1. Our journey is definitely not something an big time entrepreneur would think up. Thanks for the mention.

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