News: British pub in peril as beer sales fall to their lowest level since the Great Depression


According to published reports today the traditional British pub is in peril.

Squeezed by a nationwide smoking ban, rising costs, competition from supermarkets and the economic downturn, the pub industry reported Monday that beer sales have fallen to their lowest level since the Great Depression.

Pub managers around the country are now pulling some 14 million pints a day, 1.6 million fewer than last year and 7 million less than at the height of the market in 1979.


According to the story nearly half Britain’s villages are “dry” for the first time since the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Rob Hayward, the chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, whose members brew 98 percent of Britain’s beer and include nearly two-thirds of the country’s pubs, urged the government to rethink heavy taxes which the industry blames in large part for its woes.


“We need a change of approach from the government,” Hayward said. “Brewing is a major industry, beer our national drink and pubs a treasured part of our national culture.”

I guess they will all need to become Irish Pubs.

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