Review: Narragansett Lager Beer

A Pale Lager brewed by
High Falls Brewing Company

Rochester, New York USA

I took the bait. This has been around in every beer store near me – both good and bad – on sale at a crazy price. I held off for a few weeks but with a few non beer drinkers coming by I decided to give it a go. It says they have been around for 120 years. I haven’t heard a good – or bad – word about them. Why golly gee, I wonder why? I pour: piss yellow with a foamy head. Smell: Corn, other grains. Taste: Hmmm, better than Bud, does that mean anything. No, it tastes like a sugary water with a skunk like grain taste.  I went back the next day and had another: On a very warm day it wasn’t quite as bad as I reviewed it above. I must have been in a pissy mood. The appearance seemed just slightly better then on first take and it sat a little better (read: less skunky).

My score: 1.8


4 responses to “Review: Narragansett Lager Beer

  1. It’s a heritage American-Style Lager beer, and should be compared to other beers of it’s style. For me, it’s the best American-style lager beer to have a session with after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day…much better than anything put out by Bud, Miller, or Coors. Oh, wait a minute, those aren’t American anymore, but you get my point.

  2. I find Narragansett Lager very good with a distinctive taste. If the distributor keeps it attractive price of $4.99 per six pack of 16 ounce cans then I shall buy more. Its taste is quite distinctive. I savor the crisp Pabst Blue Ribbon in long neck bottles very superb as an American classic.

    I wish and want Falstaff beer revived in its original formulation. I understand Chinamen bought the Falstaff brewing equipment and tanks and more and perhaps bought the Falstaff brew process and formula. It seems the Chinamen but did not seek to re brew Falstaff but used the equipment and some knowledge of processes to brew their own to fit Chinois tastes. Who can say any more on this? On Falstaff and its formulary license ? Any attempts to re introduce Falstaff to US markets ? Many many years ago my father, a heroic Infantry combat veteran and holder of many Silver Star and Bronze Star medals graciously gave to his young son a can of Falstaff on one of many river fishing outings with his son. Long live my memory of Falstaff, that day, that iced cooled can and the good flavor in the hot summer weather down on the Big Piney River at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, when dad was Chief of Staff there. Thank you, Dad. My hero. My guiding light and moral compass. Thank you Mother for all your kindnesses and constant faith to my Father.

  3. A 6 of Narragansett for $5 is a good deal. Much better than any of the big stuff and much cheaper than the microbrews. A great compromise. I buy it all the time.

  4. Delicious! Best American Adjunct Lager on the market (IMO). I buy it all the time and love it since Pabst sold out to the Russians. I understand that it’s brewed by Genesee, which is owned by a Costa Rican company. It’s still better than giving my money to Russia.

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