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Review: Boulder Beer Hazed & Infused

An American Pale Ale brewed by
Boulder Beer Company

Boulder, Colorado USA

Pours a earthy looking brown with hints of orange. It has a nice head on pour that ddissipates quickly but leaves behind some nice lacing. Smells of hops and spices. Tastes hoppy as well and is bitter on the palate. I pick up some hints of grapefruit in there too. It is a very nice APA.

My ratebeer.com score: 3.4


Offbeat news: Freak out


According to The New York Times Brooklyn-based Shmaltz Brewing Company has begun selling beers branded under a licensing agreement with the nonprofit organization that runs the Coney Island sideshow. 

All of the beers will be bottled and be 22-ounce. They will go by the names: Sword Swallower, the Albino Python White Lager, the Human Blockehead and Freaktoberfest.


The labels are awesome. You can check them out here.


Coney Island USA managing director David Gratt told The New York Times on its Web site Tuesday that the brewer paid a signing bonus and will pay the nonprofit some future residuals. The beer is sold in specialty shops and in about 30 states.

Shmaltz is known for a beer named after comedian Lenny Bruce, Lenny’s R.I.P.A.

According to the article the beers have been selling well. They are available at specialty shops in the city and in about 30 states, in stores like Whole Foods.

Haven’t tried one yet.

News: The rich get richer

According to the Associated Press, brewer InBev SA’s second-quarter profit climbed 8.6 percent despite higher costs and weak sales in Russia and Europe as the company payed less in taxes.

Leuven, Belgium-based InBev reported a net profit of ?542 million (US$808 million) for the three months ending June 2008, rising from ?499 million (US$680 million at earlier exchange rate) for the same period in 2007.

This was largely thanks to a deferred tax asset that saved the company ?83 million (US$124 million), it said.

It also grew sales in Brazil – where it supplies more than two-thirds of all beer – which helped outweigh shrinking sales in Russia and western Europe.

Global sales were down 0.3 percent to ?3.71 billion (US$5.53 billion) from ?3.72 billion (US$5 billion at earlier exchange rate). InBev blamed a refocus on more lucrative premium brands that saw it lose market share on lower-priced beers.

Read the full article here.

Review: Avery IPA

An India Pale Ale (IPA) brewed by
Avery Brewing Company

Boulder, Colorado USA

Pours a lightly burnt yellow into the pint glass. It has a very nice and frothy head with good lacing as it goes down. The aroma is hops, hops and more hops. It is a hop taste but spiced nicely. The aroma also comes across as being very grassy and grapefruity. In other words it smells fresh. It leaves a really smooth, though slightly bitter taste on your palate. A very nice drink.


My ratebeer.com score: 3.7