Daily Archives: August 15, 2008

Review: Zywiec Porter

A Baltic Porter brewed by
Bracki Browar Zamkowy (Zywiec Heineken)

Cieszyn, Poland

My Polish realtor turned me on to this one. He bought me this and a Okocim O.K. Beer  and a Zywiec Jasne Pelne (Beer).  I was not a fan of either of the first two so I didn’t have my hopes up for the porter – nice set up Mr. Realtor. It pours a very dark brown or nearly black. The head was just a bit tan but it fades out. The aroma wasn’t too intense but you get a nice smell going in for a sip. This porter had a strong carmel, nut and chocolate aroma. I also pick up a bit of molasses and fruit. The taste was as smooth as the smell. I would say the body was light to medium. You really don’t pick up the 9.5% alcohol. It has a rich and creamy feel on the palate with a bitter chocolate after taste. This was very solid and well balanced.

My ratebeer.com score: 4


Review: Stone Coast 420 IPA

An India Pale Ale (IPA) brewed by
Stone Coast Brewing Company

Bethel, Maine USA

This pours a dark amber with a very nice head. This is a dark looking IPA, very nice. The aroma is sweet and fruity with a hop, evergreen hint flowing through. It is smooth and slightly bitter. You get that evergreen taste that carries through to the back of the palate and it ends with a slight bite. Good not great.

My ratebeer.com score: 3.4

Cheers to the Good Beer Show

Just wanted to ‘clink and drink’ one with Jeffrey T from The Good Beer show for adding It’s The Beer Talking to his link page. Cheers. It is really quite an honor.

I really think that his show just keeps getting better and better. I love that the music isn’t corny and the beer reviews are always diverse among the panel. The panel, while fun loving, is always serious about the beer. The Good Beer Show must be responsible for half of my ‘must have’ beer list.

As I said in a past column, along with Basic Brewing and Craft Beer Radio, The Good Beer Show is one of my must listens each time it comes out.