Review: Zywiec Porter

A Baltic Porter brewed by
Bracki Browar Zamkowy (Zywiec Heineken)

Cieszyn, Poland

My Polish realtor turned me on to this one. He bought me this and a Okocim O.K. Beer  and a Zywiec Jasne Pelne (Beer).  I was not a fan of either of the first two so I didn’t have my hopes up for the porter – nice set up Mr. Realtor. It pours a very dark brown or nearly black. The head was just a bit tan but it fades out. The aroma wasn’t too intense but you get a nice smell going in for a sip. This porter had a strong carmel, nut and chocolate aroma. I also pick up a bit of molasses and fruit. The taste was as smooth as the smell. I would say the body was light to medium. You really don’t pick up the 9.5% alcohol. It has a rich and creamy feel on the palate with a bitter chocolate after taste. This was very solid and well balanced.

My score: 4


2 responses to “Review: Zywiec Porter

  1. I live in a college town and in 2001 or so, this beer was the bang for for buck beer with the students at the local bar I frequent. Used to be dirt cheap. Do not even know if it available here any more.

  2. I could see that being the case. In contrast to the other Polish beers I had that night it was just made far better.

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