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Review: Ommegang Three Philosophers

An Abt/Quadrupel brewed by
Brewery Ommegang (Moortgat)

Cooperstown, New York USA

ABV: 9.8%

Glassware: Snifter

Poured from a 750ml bottle poured into a snifter. The aroma was of malts at first but as it warmed the bouquet grew into something more carmel dominated. I then started to pick up cherry, toffee, wood, light vanilla and a light spice – very nice. The head was creamy white and it had some very nice lacing as I went down the glass. I liked it as it warmed and would drink almost round room temperature. The palate showed a balanced and sweetness with a nice mix of dry and bitter hops. I could pick up on the alcohol pretty easy though. It may be better aged a bit.

Beeradvocate.com food pairings: Cheese (buttery; Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss, sharp; Blue, Cheddar) General (Digestive) Meat (Beef, Smoked Meat, Game)

My ratebeer.com score:  3.8


Offbeat News: Jessica Simpson to market beer for Dallas brewer


Jessica Simpson is now selling beer. The singer and actress has signed on as spokeswoman for Stampede Light Plus, made by Dallas’ Stampede Brewing Co.


Hopefully she doesn’t bring the same luck to this brewer as she did for the Cowboys this year.


Simpson will appear in ads in stores for the beer and is taking a 15 percent stake in the brewer. The Dallas Morning News says terms were not disclosed.

Stampede Light bills itself as a beer for active people. It also rates and reviews pretty low everywhere I’ve seen.

Also, is it just me or have you noticed that there has been a ton of marketing moves by brewers lately. I’m tired of that. Just give me a good beer. OK, no more marketing news – sorry.

Review(s): Magic Hat election/fall releases

Participation Lager

A Pilsener brewed by
Magic Hat Brewing Company

South Burlington, Vermont USA

ABV: 5%

Glassware: Pilsner

This was certainly a pilsner. I was tricked into thinking I was pouring a lager but it was clear that it was a pilsner on pour. It is a bright yellow with a nice head and good carbonation. It was a good looking pilsner. It has a heavy malt aroma. It tastes hopper then I would have thought from the aroma. I think when some people rank on here they are not looking at style. This was a pretty good pilsner. Not great but pretty darn good. A well balanced pilsner. (This beer is not out yet.)

BeerAdvocate.com suggested food pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Italian) Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina) Meat (Pork, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish)

My ratebeer.com score: 3

Magic Hat Jinx

A Smoked brewed by
Magic Hat Brewing Company

South Burlington, Vermont USA

ABV: 6.9%

Glassware: Pint glass

Had from the bottle and poured into a pint glass. It is a hazy amber color with a nice big head. This brew smells very sweet and fruity. The sweetness had me thinking this was more of a brown then a smoked but what do I know. It was nice and smooth on the palate but again, just a but too sweet. I felt it to me a nice fall beer though. Very enjoyable.

BeerAdvocate.com suggested food pairings: Cheese (buttery; Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss) Meat (Smoked Meat, Salmon)

My ratebeer.com score: 3.2

News: Miller Lite revives ‘Great Taste, Less Filling’ ad

MillerCoors LLC is reviving its “Great Taste, Less Filling” tag line, which was created more than 30 years ago. The company, a newly formed joint venture between SABMiller’s U.S. unit and Denver-based Molson Coors Brewing Co., told distributors in a letter Tuesday the campaign is back.
That’s all I want to say on that.

News: The story with Bud’s American Ale, so far

Anheuser-Busch is expected to release their Budweiser American Ale nationaly in October but they are starting to roll out samples now. (No, I didn’t get one yet and oddly I really don’t care.)

There have been several ratings done on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate. and it seems to be getting mid level ratings – not great, not horrible. Most ratings seem to fall somewhere just below a three on Rate Beer and just under a ‘B ‘on Beer Advocate.

Reviews are starting to pop up on random blogs and there are a few that are rational like here and here. The second seems to sum up the mid-ground on this one:

There is nothing “wrong” with this beer, but if your first thought about a great domestic ale is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale you will likely be left wanting.

Bryce Eddings at About.com , who tasted it at as part of the recent Brewer’s Heritage Festival in St. Louis Missouri, seems to have a pretty sensible take on it as well: ‘It is drinkable but not remarkable.’

He goes on to say:

The beer pours with a thick, rocky head that sits atop a very clear, copper body. Its aroma is mostly sweet malt with some citrusy hops apologetically peeking through. The flavor follows this theme with strong, nutty malt flavors dominating and some hops. The ale is drinkable but could easily become cloying after a couple.

There also some that think this will be the next best thing since sliced bread. 

A-B is slamming millions of extra dollars into Budweiser’s marketing budget to promote it as the Great American Lager.

Peacock said the new ale, priced somewhat higher than regular Budweiser, is expected to enhance rather than diminish Budweiser’s image.

They do say they will not push this as hard as their Bud Light Lime. I have no idea what that means. It seems to be something you can get down but many alternatives will leave it on the shelf. We will see.