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News: Congratulations Lancaster, now open a brewery


The Lexington Herald-Leader, reports that the voters in the city of Lancaster, Kentucky have narrowly approved the sale of alcohol.

The Herald-Leader reports on its Web site that the vote Tuesday was 656 to 550 in support of the move to go “wet” in the Garrard County community.

Lancaster Mayor Don Rinthen supported the measure and says it will offer the chance for economic growth and a strong step into the real world (Ok, he didn’t say that last part).

Under the measure, an unrestricted number of retail stores will be able to sell beer and up to seven stores will be able to sell liquor by the package. Some gas stations will also be able to sell beer.


Review: Baltika 8 Pshenichnoe (Wheat)

A German Hefeweizen brewed by
Baltika Brewery (Baltic Beverages Holdings)

St. Petersburg, Russia

ABV: 5%

Glassware: Tulip

With all the Russia talk lately I felt like cracking open one of their beers, so I did. It was a cloudy yellow with a nice looking, very fluffy head. It smells floral and citrus filled, a decent aroma. It had a nice full-bodied hefeweizen taste. There were some cloves and a lot of citrus. Nothing super special here but certainly worth having again, especially at the price: 50cl for $1.50.

Beer Advocate food pairings: Cuisine (German) Cheese (tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish)

My ratebeer.com score: 3