Review: Victory Whirlwind Witbier

A Belgian White (Witbier) brewed by
Victory Brewing Company

Downingtown, Pennsylvania USA

ABV: 5%

Glassware: Tumbler

I feel bad even writing this out because I normally have a good experience with Victory and I’m thinking this may have been the six-pack I bought. This Victory White pours a cloudy yellow color and sort of smells like play-dough. I don’t have much kind to say about it as I don’t really think it was a great Wit. It was creamy at times and then really watery on the next sip – not a balanced body. It had a strong citrus aspect, which it should but at least the one I had did not work well. It had a pretty sour taste and virtually no head or lacing. I’ll come back to this one in a few weeks.

Beer Advocate food pairings: Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish)

My score: 2.1


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