News: Beer trails are on the march

C-Ville is reporting that new beer trail will begin to take shape in Charlostville, NC to compete with local wineries.

According to the article The Devil’s Backbone Brewery, named for the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, will join a triad of well-established names: Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet and South Street Brewery in Charlottesville. The breweries, along with tourism officials from Nelson County, are organizing the first beer trail in Virginia, aiming to compete with their beloved and successful wine-making counterparts.

Construction is almost complete on the Devil’s Backbone spot, located near the Wintergreen ski and golf resort. The Daily Progress reports that the new brewery will be the fourth of its kind in the greater Charlottesville area when it opens in November. 

And the numbers don’t lie. The Virginia Tourism Corporation estimates that 1.8 percent of the visitors who visited the state in 2007 came for its winery tours and wine tastings at 134 wineries, for a grand total of $70 million in retail sales.

Wine trails in most states serve as a pretty enjoyable tourist destination. It is nice to see the brewing industry following this trend. You can read the article here.

I know of a beer trail in New York and Colorado and I can only assume there are a few in California. You can read about the New York trail here.


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