Home Brewing: A delay in yeast arrival

My local home brew shop was out of wine yeast and I turned to the Internet. A site was recommend to me so I checked them out and placed an order this past Saturday. This morning I received this e-mail:


Dear Jerrod,

We are waiting for a fresh supply of the Assmanshausen Wine Yeast as we are completely sold out and don’t have a suitable substitute.  We expect delivery Friday and will ship your order out on Tuesday as we don’t want the yeast sitting in a warehouse over the long weekend. Any questions or problems feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail.

Thank you.

Beer & Wine Hobby

Despite this little hiccup I suggest you check out the Beer & Wine site here. They seem to have a pretty good selection and I am glad they are waiting to send me what I want instead of some replacement.

I have pushed back my start date to some time next week. I may have to go back and pick more peaches.

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