Review: Piels

A Pale Lager brewed by
Miller Brewing Company (SABMiller)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

ABV: 3.79

Glassware: Pint glass

This was far better then the can and the price led me to believe – not sure if that is the best way to rate a beer though. I poured it into a glass and it was a clear yellow with a nice head. This was better then almost any other macro lager I have had. It is has that corn aroma and taste but not in a sickening way. Taste is also sweet, but really lacking in any flavor. Thin mouth feel with little taste retention. A true lawnmower beer. If forced, I would go back here rather then Bud or Miller, Coors and probably Pabst. Shockingly surprised. Perhaps this would be a good ‘cheap’ beer to have around for non-beer loving friends. Please, before you jump on me for going overboard here look at my score.

Beer Advocate food pairing suggestions: Cuisine (Barbecue, Curried, Indian, Latin American, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Pan Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern) score: 2.2

Here is a little extra history I pulled of Wikipedia on PielsPiels Beer, aka Piel Bros. Beer and Piel’s Beer, is a regional lager beer, originally brewed in Brooklyn, New York. Located in the East New York section of Brooklyn at 315 Liberty Avenue, it was founded in 1883 by the Piel brothers: Gottfried, Michael and Wilhelm Piel. The soft water from Long Island was preferred by German brewers and Breweries in Brooklyn proliferated at this time. Piels union employees are reputed to have been guaranteed ice cold beer on tap 24 hours a day in their union contract. Piels, in its present incarnation, is generally regarded as an inexpensive beer.


3 responses to “Review: Piels

  1. I really like Piels beer and drink it exclusively for everyday and lawnmower occasions. Even for “special” occasions it works because it is so flavor-neutral, smooth and yet good tasting, that it doesn’t detract from any food – from poached salmon to beef wellington or broiled lobster.
    Also, I think the alcohol content is low, and that contributes to its “lightness.”

  2. We used to drink Piels when I was younger for one reason and one reason only: it was cheap. Like $3.25 a twelve-pack cheap. After the first 6 you didn’t mind the fact that it left this strange metallic peanut-off-a-barroom-floor aftertaste in your mouth. For nostalgic purposes it’ll always remain a favorite, but it’s better left to memory.

  3. I agree…. Piel’s is better than most know.

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