Home Brewing: Movin to the country, Gonna eat a lot of peaches

Finally got down to juicing the peaches and starting the wine today. All went pretty well. We quartered then and cut off all of the brown spots before getting down to the fun.

We juiced them in a nylon bag I picked up at Home Depot, normally used for cleaning paint. It worked great until the very end when the bag tore. Luckily, very little skin made it into the juice and what was there I got out with a sterilized spoon. It was tough on the hands though and when I was done with the 2 1/2 pounds I had had enough.

After juicing just the peaches we had about a quarter gallon of fresh juice. To that we added 1 Campden Tablet, 1 1/2 tsp acid blend, 1 tsp pectic enzyme powder, 1/4 tsp tannin and mixed it up. Then we added just under 2 1/2 pounds of sugar and about 13 cups of water. (We are making just over a gallon of the wine.)

I put the wine away in a nice temperate closet and we will add the yeast and energizer tomorrow.


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