News: Want beer? New class to bring tasting section

The Badger Hearld ran a story this morning that said beginning this spring, University of Wisconsin students can combine their passion for beer with their love of learning in a course designed to teach them advanced brewing techniques. 


The one-of-a-kind course, to be offered in next semester’s timetable, features beer taste-testing and allows students to study the science behind one of their favorite frothy beverages.

Jon Roll, a faculty associate in the bacteriology department who will teach the course in the spring, and Brandy Day, a UW senior majoring in microbiology, learned how to use the equipment in Milwaukee this summer. They are piloting the new course with two students this semester. 

The fermentation and zymurgy class, aimed at juniors, will be offered for the first time on a large scale in the spring, but enrollment will be limited.

Many schools seem to be starting similar classes. It really is a food/science course and I think it is a great idea to teach the students to respect beer rather then just guzzle it (I was there once).


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