News: Socialized beer in Canada

WATERLOO, Ont. — Brick Brewing Co. Ltd. is welcoming new financial support from the Ontario government to market its brands.

The province announced Friday it will provide $8 million over four years to help small breweries, on top of an existing $1-million-a-year microbrewery strategy.

Brick, the largest Canadian-owned publicly held brewery in Ontario, did not specify Monday what its share of the cash would be.

But chairman and founder Jim Brickman stated: “It is encouraging that the government recognizes the importance of a strong, vibrant, locally owned and operated Ontario craft brewing industry.”

Under the plan announced Friday, Ontario breweries producing less than 30 million litres per year will share in $1.8 million a year for four years. The taxpayers will also provide $200,000 annually to the Ontario Craft Brewers Association.


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