News: The Great American Beer Festival is open

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Great American Beer Festival has started. If you are lucky enough to be out there or are going you can find all of the events here. The Brewers Association set a new record this year by selling out all sessions two weeks in advance. Here are the basics:


GABF visitors enjoy one-ounce beer samples from the festival’s breweries. These breweries are arranged on the festival floor by regions of the country, giving beer lovers a walking tour of the nation’s beer-blessed landscape. Many of the booths are staffed by the brewers themselves. More than 46,000 beer enthusiasts from Colorado, the United States, and around the world will attend this year’s GABF. The 2008 GABF will cover 188,000 square feet of the Colorado Convention Center.

The GABF also hosts one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tasting competitions. Over 100 professional beer judges from the United States and abroad evaluated over 2,800 beers are expected to be entered by more than 470 domestic breweries. Gold, silver and bronze medals in 75 beer-style categories will be awarded on October 11 at the 1:30 p.m. awards ceremony held during the Members-Only Tasting Session.

The GABF’s popular food & beer pairing seminars featuring an A-list of America’s brewers joined local and national celebrity chefs for demonstrations on how to cook with beer and pair different styles of beer with various dishes.

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