News: Beer May Have Been a Better Bet Than Newspapers

This one hits me right in the gut. A recent study points out that one would have been better investing in beer, drinking them and returning the bottles for deposits rather then to invest in a newspaper over the past several years. You can read the full story and link to the study here.

Here is some of the math:

Fifty-five half-kegs of Budweiser ($105 each, plus a $75 deposit per keg three years ago) would net you 22 full kegs and $4,125 in deposits after consumption.

Here are some of his results, showing how much money you would end up with today after a $10,000 investment in 2005:

  • Media General Co.: $1,833
  • Gannett Co.: $1,853
  • McClatchy Co.: $647.76
  • The New York Times Co.: $4,822.22 (the only winner here over beer)

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