News: Coors celebrates 135 years


a1225492887_t220Coors Banquet beer is celebrating its 135th anniversay and still is made with a recipe of high-country barley and Rocky Mountain water that is essentially unchanged from what Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler first called “Golden Lager” when it debuted in 1873. Or whatever they say.

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Reviews: Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale

A Spice/Herb/Vegetable brewed by
Boston Beer Company

Boston, Massachusetts USA

ABV: 5.9%

Glassware: pint glass

Pours a dark brown into a pint glass with a nice looking head. The head leaves quickly but the beer still remains looking very good. You can pick up sweet caramel in the taste along with some nuttiness. The flavor is sweet and nutty, much like the aroma. It is a bit under carbonated and a little two sweet and flat but tasty. I enjoyed but I think I could have more with a few minor tweaks.


3.4 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
7/10 4/5 7/10 3/5 13/20

Review: Avery Old Jubilation Ale

An English Strong Ale brewed by
Avery Brewing Company

Boulder, Colorado USA

ABV: 8%

Glassware: Pint Glass

Let the doors of Christmas open up, wow. Pours a dark amber with a nice head that recedes quickly. It smells of Christmas spices and caramel. On first taste it is also quick spicy. The spices never quick leave your lips or palate. It is also quite easy to pick up both the aroma and flavor of nuts and toffee. As I said the spice sticks on your palate for a nice warming feel. A very good seasonal.

My score: 4

News: Coastal Brewing to consolidate in Del.

According to the Delaware State News Coastal Brewing Co. is moving operations from its Ashburn, Va., brewery to its plant in Dover. The brewer of Fordham and Old Dominion beers says operating two breweries 130 miles apart didn’t make sense. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Casey Hollingsworth says the Ashburn brewery is scheduled to close next year. Employees there will be offered jobs in Dover. The two breweries produce about 30,000 barrels of beer a year. Hollingsworth says the Dover facility can expand and produce more beer than it currently makes.

News: Britons reeling, but few crying into their beer

Britons may be reeling from the international financial crisis, but few are crying into their beer. Beer sales are falling as the economy worsens, defying predictions in some quarters that consumers would buy their brew at supermarkets to escape higher prices at pubs. You can read the full story here. Here is an out take:

The British Beer and Pub Association reported Monday that total beer sales fell about 7 percent in the third quarter — the equivalent of 161 million fewer pints compared with the same period in 2007. Sales of the iconic British pint in pubs have been in decline for years, leading to the closure of thousands of hostelries around the country. Now the association’s Quarterly Beer Barometer reveals that the downturn has broadened to supermarket sales. “The accelerating decline in beer sales is a clear sign of a worsening economy, worried households and weakening spending,” said Rob Hayward, the association’s chief executive. Supermarket and liquor store sales fell 6 percent between July and September compared with the same period last year, slightly behind the 8.1 percent drop recorded for pubs, bars and restaurants.

News: Boston Beer Co. is downgraded

CNN Money is reporting that Boston Beer Co. has been downgraded by Goldman Sachs. The Samuel Adams brewers has been downgraded to “Sell” from “Neutral” due to slower traffic in bars and restaurants and lower expectations for volume growth in the second half of the year.

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Review: Unibroue Édition 2005 (RETIRED)

A Belgian Strong Ale formerly brewed by
Unibroue (Sapporo)

Chambly, Canada 

ABV: 10%

Glassware: Snifter

Pours black with a nice head that does dissipates quickly. The aroma is grapefruit and dry fruits with a hint of a sour’s sulfur smell. It is bitter sweet and sour all at once. It hits hard in the beginning and starts to mellow as it warms. Worth your sobriety and you really don’t taste it fading away. There is that typical Unibroue taste in there – I can only guess it is in the yeast. avery. very good beer. I am happy I saved a bottle to cellar.

My score: 4.1