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News: The story with Bud’s American Ale, so far

Anheuser-Busch is expected to release their Budweiser American Ale nationaly in October but they are starting to roll out samples now. (No, I didn’t get one yet and oddly I really don’t care.)

There have been several ratings done on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate. and it seems to be getting mid level ratings – not great, not horrible. Most ratings seem to fall somewhere just below a three on Rate Beer and just under a ‘B ‘on Beer Advocate.

Reviews are starting to pop up on random blogs and there are a few that are rational like here and here. The second seems to sum up the mid-ground on this one:

There is nothing “wrong” with this beer, but if your first thought about a great domestic ale is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale you will likely be left wanting.

Bryce Eddings at About.com , who tasted it at as part of the recent Brewer’s Heritage Festival in St. Louis Missouri, seems to have a pretty sensible take on it as well: ‘It is drinkable but not remarkable.’

He goes on to say:

The beer pours with a thick, rocky head that sits atop a very clear, copper body. Its aroma is mostly sweet malt with some citrusy hops apologetically peeking through. The flavor follows this theme with strong, nutty malt flavors dominating and some hops. The ale is drinkable but could easily become cloying after a couple.

There also some that think this will be the next best thing since sliced bread. 

A-B is slamming millions of extra dollars into Budweiser’s marketing budget to promote it as the Great American Lager.

Peacock said the new ale, priced somewhat higher than regular Budweiser, is expected to enhance rather than diminish Budweiser’s image.

They do say they will not push this as hard as their Bud Light Lime. I have no idea what that means. It seems to be something you can get down but many alternatives will leave it on the shelf. We will see.