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News: In Utah it is better to smoke then drink a beer

The Associated Press is reporting that tax collections show that beer sales in Utah are falling sharply while cigarette use is on the rise. A report released Wednesday says revenue from beer sales dropped nearly 12 percent in July, August and September, compared with the same time last year. The report follows a downward trend in beer sales that began in 2003. That’s when Utah raised its beer tax, making it one of the highest in the country. Utah charges 41 cents in taxes per gallon of beer. Utah’s cigarette tax is 69 cents a pack. Nationally, the average is $1.18 a pack.

It is also still against the law to home brew in the state of Utah. A change to the law was cycling through the government last year but ran out of time. If you want to read more on the liquor laws of Utah go here.


News: Tucson weighs new liquor tax

Tucson needs to recover the money it spends on paramedics, police and courts when people drink too much and get into trouble, a city councilman said. Councilman Steve Leal said the city should look at imposing a tax on alcohol sales. Leal has instructed the City Manager’s Office to figure out how much the city spends on services such as police time, paramedics and court costs on people who were drinking alcohol. You can read the full article here.

News: Maine residents fight beer tax


The Associated Press is reporting that Maine’s Secretary of State has OKed a statewide vote to repeal new taxes on beer, wine and soda.

The question will be on the ballot for the Nov. 4 presidential vote. The group Fed Up With Taxes coalition submitted enough signatures of registered voters to get the question on the ballot.

After reviewing the more than 95,000 signatures that were turned in last month, Dunlap’s office found 22,788 of the signature to be invalid. Still, the 72,432 valid signatures exceeded the required number by more than 17,000.

At issue is a measure enacted by the Legislature in April to increase taxes on beer and wine, soda, flavored water and other drinks to help bolster funding for Maine’s state-run Dirigo Health program.