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News: Rate Beer almost back

For the past two days this has greeted users: “We’re coming back”. According to the rest of the message they will be back soon but in the form of a limited test. From Everything I am hearing they were hacked (had a security breach) that was pretty bad.


News: Ratebeer is having big problems once again

RateBeer.com is down once again and it looks serious but then again it has looked that way again. This message greets users:

RateBeer Security Timeout
Thank you!
The community response has been overwhelming.
Thanks to all of you who sent us help, beer (yeah!), offered advice,
sent us your hard earned dollars, pounds, crowns, pesos and euros,
offered help, words of encouragement, and simply toasted us all here in the trenches.
We are now very close to meeting today’s goals of having a plan and the money to execute it.
I hope we can be back in a limited way in less than three days but
this is really up to our security advisor. I want to be absolutely
certain we’re offering our users a safe environment before we open
our doors. I’ll send updates here and to the ratebeer community at facebook.
Donations: joet@ratebeer.com
p.s. thanks for all your support and understanding. 82 was compromised so it was closed.

Not sure if they are getting hacked or what. It is really too bad as I rely on them for cataloging. I may finally have to switch to my own database, meaning I need to create one first. I started off years ago with an Excel spreadsheet but it got a bit cumbersome. I also like cataloging my cellar with ratebeer. I use Beer Advocate but it is a bit more complex and more then I need to organize myself. So, I’m not quite sure what they need money for but they are asking for it.  I’ll keep you posted.